Competitive sports

Our vest optimises training sessions thanks to its variety of programs that can be added to routines.

Maximum muscular performance

The use of Electrobody during physical activity helps users achieve greater sporting performance by increasing the use of muscular tissues via pulses. This promotes the growth of muscle mas and improves resistance more intensively than with other types of training.

Shorter warm-up times

Due to the faster involvement of a greater number of muscles, warm-up times become more effective leaving more energy for the rest of the exercise.

Muscle re-education

EMS technology helps re-educate muscles to optimise movement, making them more effective and competitive.

New training dynamics

This new training dynamic will make sports offerings more interesting at gymnasiums, adding a novel service that can be enjoyed by both the new and old alike.

Adaptable materials

The materials used in our vest have been especially conceived for mechanical activity, such that they can be used for both specific movements and following regular training routes.


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