Description EBC PRO 3.0

Thanks to its dimensions, portability and mobility, the device can be used whenever and wherever you want: outdoor exercise, home training, group classes, gymnasiums, beauty centres, sports clubs, etc.

  • Portable
  • Flash-Line electrodes
  • Wireless
  • Neoprex bio-suit
  • Automatically controlled muscular chronaxie
  • Controlled via tablet, smartphone and PC

Features technical specifications

Contraction duration:
adjustable between 0 and 10 s.
Independent power control for each channel:
from 0 to 50.
Relaxation stage:
adjustable between 0 and 10 s.
0 to 1.5 s.
pulses per second, from 2 to 200 Hz in 1 Hz steps.
Pulse width:
from 0 to 500 μs.
Main master:
option to control intensity of all channels.
General power control:
from 0 to 50.
Relaxation time control:
from 0 to 10 seconds in 1 s intervals.
Ramp time control:
from 0 to 1.5 seconds in 0.1 s intervals.
Selectable countdown timer:
25 min.
Work zone
Relaxation and anti-cellulite
Safety control:
incompatibility between continuous contraction time and relaxation time.
130 gr.
14 cm long x 8 cm wide x 3 cm high. (Without cable)
Power supply:
additional charger.

Training pack equipment

  • 1 wireless electro-stimulation device model 3.0
  • 2x one-size-fits-all neoprene wetsuits with wiring
  • Electrodes with Flash Line system
  • 1 electronic equipment charger
  • 1 equipment case (pouch)
  • 1 tablet for device management
  • 1 device management Software Licence
  • 1 training DVD with different training models and multiple and varied exercises
  • All in a trolley case

Details Detailed characteristics

Latest generation, maximum resistance Flash-line electrodes

The Flash-line electrodes are placed on the muscle groups provided on training clothing. They are attached via adhesive straps.

detalle Electrodos Flash-Line

Transmission system

The vest contains an internal high resistance system that transmits current to the electrodes, which is in turn connected to the main unit.

detalle sistema de emisión de electrodos

Neoprex fabric

Bio-Suits made of Neoprex fabric, odourless and highly resistant to mechanical activity.

detalle tejido Neoprex


Adjustable straps to ensure better fastening and contact with the body during all exercise stages.

detalle sujeciones

Wireless device

The wireless device guarantees the selection and monitoring of session settings; an electronic device that guarantees the supply of the selected power level, with Bluetooth-based data transmission system. Also includes wireless system for maximum freedom of movement.

panel de control


The App created by “Electro Body Center” provides easy control of all programs, enabling training sessions to be run very intuitively.


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