Training programs

High performance EMS system (Electrical muscle stimulation)

01 Fitness

Muscle tone gained thanks to the use of EMS, EBC PRO 3.0 technology, provides health benefits from the very first session.

02 Muscle strength

The use of electrodes during intensive exercise makes muscles stronger and increases their strength and resistance in less time than regular training.

03 Fat burning

Our programs help mobilize fats in storage areas, eliminating them rapidly and effectively.

04 Relaxation

The use of the relaxation programs simulates the effects of a local massage, such as muscular relaxation, improved circulation, reduced oxidation and improved tissue oxygenation.

05 Toning

Toning programs help improve musculature, providing tone and definition during sessions.

06 Specific effects

The large variety of Electrobody programs makes it possible to find the best solution for each person. Regardless of whether the objective is the lumbar area, glutes, arms, pecs, back, legs, etc., sessions can be modified to focus on the muscles that most need it.



Sports centres

Sports centres

Competitive sports

Competitive sports

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